Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TOW#24: Abraaj Water Ad.

Fish Knows Best

How does one know what type of water tastes best? Just ask the fish. Fishes know the best type of water since they live, breathe, and swim in water their entire lives. Abraaj is a water company that produces purified water for people to drink. They appeal to ethos and use emphasis to show that their water is the best and everyone should buy it.

Abraaj has the best water in the world because the fish in the advertisement prefers it. In the ad, the fish is jumping from its bowl of fresh water to Abraaj's water. This shows that a fish would leave its spacious bowl of fresh water and go to a constricted space full of Abraaj's water. This conveys that Abraaj's water is so fresh and great, it is worth the restricting space that the fish is going to. If a fish, which knows water more than any human being, going to Abraaj's water, that means that their water must be fresh and clean. 

Abraaj effectively uses emphasis to show that their water is irresistible. Realize how the advertisement only contains a fish bowl, a glass of water, and a fish. It allows the audience to focus on the fish especially because of its bright color. The glass of water and the fish bowl is not as emphasized because it wants the audience to see what the fish chose. The two containers of water look exactly the same, but the fish can tell the difference because it is an expert at knowing water quality, hence the words, "who knows water best?" 

Although there are so many different types of water ads and the fact that all water tastes the same, Abraaj is unique from most water ads because it uses something other than a person to show how great their water is. Instead of using a celebrity to say how great their water is, they use the most obvious "expert" of water: a fish. Abraaj appeals to ethos and uses emphasis to show that their water is the best quality. 


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