Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TOW #27: TOW Reflection

In the beginning of the year, I felt that TOWs were pointless and just a waste of time. But as I did more throughout the year, I realized how much I've improved my writing. I realized that some of my first TOWs lacked understanding and analysis of the content. But I soon realized how to recognize the purpose of the content and appropriately analyze them.

I've definitely mastered understanding the purpose and being able to write the structure of the TOWs. I fully understand how to write them without making the writing look listed. However, I feel that I still struggle with finding good yet difficult content to analyze. I seem to lean towards easy topics because the purpose is easy to point out.

Overall, I feel that I benefited a lot from writing the TOWs. It not only gave me a broader perspective of different types of literature but also gave me lots of practice writing in certain formats.

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