Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TOW#28: Documentary- Food Inc. 2008

Not Real Food

This documentary exploits the truth about where our food comes from. Eric Schlosser, the author of this film, wanted to show the world that they are being deceived by these massive food industries that call themselves "farms" when in reality, there is no source of farm life anywhere. One particularly interesting fact that I learned was the fact that most of what we eat contains corn, even in foods like soda that no one would expect corn to be in. It was even more shocking to hear about a boy who died from E. Coli. His mother only wanted an apology from the meat industry, but they were even reluctant to do that. As a result, she became an advocate and fought against those food industries.

The documentary definitely appealed to logos with its inclusion of video proof. There were videos of the treatment of chickens; It was petrifying. These poor chickens were living in dark, crammed spaces, and never being able to see sunlight. Their living conditions were so bad that the companies didn't allow cameramen to film the chickens. This appeal to logos brings fear into the audience because it shows how horrible these animals are being treated and how unnaturally they are cared for.

There were several anecdotes that were very effective for the film. One story told of a woman who had a son who died from E. Coli. It shows the uneasiness that she feels about the fact that her son died from eating food. There was also another story about a family who was financially struggling. This showed that there were deliberate reasons why people chose the dollar menu from McDonalds over a head of broccoli which costs much more. These unhealthy foods cost more because they are easier to make, thus making the food more artificial. Therefore this unfortunate family can only amount to junk food because it is more affordable.

Overall, the documentary was very effective. It not only discussed key ideas about food that many of people do not know, but also it showed physical evidence of what they were trying to say. The documentary was for people in America who are unaware of the terrible things that are going on in food industries. Although this document may not change anything anytime soon, it is a great start to show awareness to what people are eating and paying for.

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